What Is Cosmetic Bonding?
By Liberty Tree Prosthodontics
October 03, 2017
Category: Dental Procedures

Cosmetic bonding --also called composite resin bonding--is one of today's quickest and most effective aesthetic dental treatments. Taking cosmetic bondingjust one appointment at Mirghassemi DDS Dentistry & Prosthodontics, cosmetic bonding repairs small flaws in tooth enamel. If you have an obvious space between two teeth, a little corner chip or one tooth that's a bit shorter than its neighbor, this reliable service can improve your smile appearance. Explore the possibilities at a cosmetic dentistry consultation with your dentist in Danvers, MA, Dr. Mahhsid Mirghassemi.

A unique process

Your Danvers dentist becomes a true artist when she uses this innovative combination of glass particles and acrylic to reform teeth marred by minor cosmetic defects. You're good to go ahead with the treatment when Dr. Mirghassemi determines that your teeth are decay-free and your gums are pink and intact. She'll do a simple oral examination and digital X-rays as needed and then present you with suggestions to improve your smile aesthetics.

To begin cosmetic bonding, Dr. Mirghassemi smooths rough tooth edges with a fine grit dental sandpaper. Next, she applies an etching chemical to prepare the surface of the enamel. This liquid creates a strong bond between the resin and the tooth.

Then, the composite resin is applied much like paint, with each layer hardened by a curing light. Layer by layer, the defect is filled and shaped. Finally, the dentist does a final shaping with the dental drill and polishes the surface to a bright finish.


Expect your remade teeth to match their neighbors in color and surface texture. Dr. Mirghassemi recommends routine dental cleanings, check-ups and diligent home hygiene to keep your bonded smile bright. Additionally, she may use composite resin as alternative to existing amalgam fillings as needed.

Overall, you can expect composite resin bonding to last up to 10 years. Just be careful avoid chewing extra-hard foods such as peanut brittle, and don't open plastic packaging or bottles with your teeth.

Other treatments

Composite resin bonding may be combined with other aesthetic dental treatments for a complete smile makeover. Your Danvers dentist offers:

  • Cosmetic gum reshaping to even your gum line
  • Professional teeth whitening to remove deep stains from healthy tooth enamel
  • Invisalign clear aligners for unobtrusive orthodontic correction
  • Porcelain veneers to disguise cosmetic flaws such as chips and hairline cracks

Together, you will decide what treatments will serve your smile best. Whatever you choose, expect your confidence to soar when you see how great your smile looks and feels.

How can you enhance your smile?

Explore cosmetic bonding and the other services offered at Mirghassemi DDS Dentistry & Prosthodontics. Contact the office in Danvers, MA today to set-up a consultation. Phone (978) 777-9999.


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