Signs You May Need a Root Canal
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November 21, 2017
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A root canal is an important, effective dental procedure. Many people, however, fear this treatment due to its bad reputation and the mythsroot canal surrounding it. Actually, root canal therapy is a painless, one-time procedure which can help you avoid tooth extraction and leave your family dentist’s office pain-free. Find out more about root canals and signs you may need one with Dr. Mahshid Mirghassemi at Mirghassemi Dentistry and Prosthodontics in Danvers, MA.

How does a root canal work?
A root canal allows your dentist to remove decayed or damaged tissue from within the tooth. The procedure itself takes place through a small hole that your dentist creates on top of the tooth. Specialized instruments which fit through the hole allow your dentist to remove the tooth’s pulp and nerves and scrub the inside of the tooth clean, removing any remaining tissue. Your dentist then fills the cleaned tooth with a composite resin material to restore its strength and structure. In some cases, the filling is very large, making it susceptible to damage. Your family dentist may suggest a dental crown to fit over the tooth and protect it from future damage. If you need a crown, you will require a second dental appointment after a laboratory has created the restoration. In the meantime, your dentist may provide you with a temporary crown.

Signs You May Need a Root Canal 
A toothache is a painful and obvious sign you may need a root canal. This is due to the nerves in the tooth becoming damaged by injury or decay, causing them to send pain signals to the brain. Removing the tooth’s pulp also removes the nerves, deadening the tooth and curing the toothache. In the past, the only way to achieve this was by extracting the tooth altogether. A root canal will cure your toothache and preserve the natural structure of the tooth to allow you to avoid extraction. A broken tooth may also require a root canal. Your family dentist might also suggest a root canal for a tooth which has not yet become painful but has significant decay.

Root Canal Therapy in Danvers, MA
For more information on root canals, please contact Dr. Mirghassemi at Mirghassemi Dentistry and Prosthodontics in Danvers, MA. Call (978) 777-9999 to schedule your appointment with Dr. Mirghassemi today!


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