FAQs about Veneers
By Liberty Tree Prosthodontics
September 25, 2019
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Wondering how to improve your appearance? Porcelain veneers may be the answer! Minimally invasive, durable, and brilliantly realistic, these thin ceramic shells disguise the front of flawed teeth while simultaneously reinforcing their structure. Here at Mirghassemi DDS Dentistry & Prosthodontics in Danvers, MA, your dentist, Dr. Mashid Mirghassemi, remakes smiles using custom-fashioned veneers—read on to learn how this treatment can benefit your smile.

FAQs about porcelain veneers

Are porcelain veneers for me? Only a cosmetic dentistry consultation at Dr. Mirghassemi's Danvers office can tell you for sure. Together, you will consider the changes you wish to see, as well as how the shape, size, and color of the tooth will compliment your face, age, and other style elements.

My front teeth are stained from cigarettes, and teeth whitening just doesn't help. Could veneers work? Porcelain veneers disguise the front of teeth flawed with stains from cigarettes, prescription drugs, physical trauma, and more. They also cover chips, hairline cracks, and odd size shaping. Additionally, they can sometimes act as "instant orthodontics," spanning small gaps and smoothing crowded alignment.

Are veneers permanent? Most are. Veneers require a small reduction in enamel (about 1/2 mm) to allow for a proper fit. This means that your smile will always stay in an enhanced state thanks to these aesthetic-boosting restorations.

Will my teeth be sensitive after I get veneers? No, they won't. Veneers protect and support tooth enamel, meaning that they actually solve dental sensitivity issues.

How many visits does it take to get veneers? Generally, you will begin with an initial consultation at our Danvers office. At this appointment, you will arrive at an individualized treatment plan with your dentist. During a second visit, your teeth will be prepared for treatment and dental impressions will be taken. Following this trip, you will wear temporary veneers home. At the third appointment, Dr. Mirghassemi will remove the temporary veneers, and then fit and bond the permanent ones on your teeth.

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