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The field of dentistry has advanced in the recent years and what seemed to be impossible to do couple of decades ago is now a routine procedure.  Full mouth reconstruction cases are challenging as each case has each case has its own difficulties an challenges. Furthermore, they usually require different specialists work closely together.  The prothodontist in these cases is the architect who determines what needs to be done. These are selected cases that were performed by Dr. Mirghassemi a few years ago.

Full Mouth Reconstruction

Patient had worn down teeth and lost his molars.  Implant crowns were made on molar areas and crowns were made on the rest of the teeth to restore esthetic and function.

Full Mouth Reconstruction by Dr. Mirghassemi

Patient has worn down and broken down teeth and suffering from loss of vertical dimension of the lower third of the face.  Vertical dimension and esthetic are restored by making implant and crowns on natural teeth and partial denture.

Full Mouth Reconstruction Case by Dr. Mirghassemi

Patient has lost her back teeth and had periodontal problems.  The margins of the crowns were showing that compromised the esthetic.  Fixed bridge is made for the front teeth and removable partial denture is made to replace the back teeth.  Function and esthetic were restored.

Veneer Case by Dr. Mirghassemi

Veneers are used for variety of reasons.  In this case the shape and color of the natural teeth were not esthetically pleasing.  Veneers were used to correct that. 

Tooth Bonding Case by Dr. Mirghassemi

Patient had discolored front teeth and by using tooth bonding the discoloration was removed.

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